Kaylee Tompson at House of Hearing highlighting Kinetic Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City, UT

Love Local—Recovery Made Easy at Kinetic Physical Therapy

Our Love Local series is not only about local restaurants. We want to shine a spotlight on all local small businesses that contribute to our community in so many different ways.

Supporting small businesses is what makes our neighborhood so special.

I think many of us get tired of dealing with big companies sometimes, and although their prices can be attractive, that’s not always enough to earn our business.

We want to deal with people who are just as invested in the area as we are, and that’s surely the case with Kinetic Physical Therapy.

I always thought that the bigger the business, the better. Many in Utah know that the hospitals here are mostly owned by large healthcare systems.

I thought that the more well-known the hospital, the better the doctors and physical therapists would be…

However, I have learned that this is only sometimes the case. I spent a lot of time seeing healthcare specialists over the years and have found that smaller businesses have actually been better when it comes to treatment, services, and overall patient care.

Why We Love Kinetic Physical Therapy

I started physical therapy here a few months ago and have seen huge improvements compared to when I did physical therapy elsewhere.

The Kinetic team has made physical therapy feel more like a social outing than a hassle or just another thing on my “To-Do” list.

I have struggled to attend physical therapy appointments in the past because I felt like they were forced, unpleasant, and just a waste of time.

I haven’t felt this way at Kinetic at all!

I was a little bit skeptical when I walked in on the first day, just expecting it to be like any of my other healthcare visits. However, by the second visit, I felt like I was family, and I got to know the whole team!

I have worked mainly with Jared, Reed, and Rosie, but I also got to know the rest of the team a bit.

Even though physical therapy is not my most favorite thing – I look forward to going just because I go in and they remember who I am.

They ask me questions about my own life and actually, make me feel like they care about me as a patient rather than just treating me like another number or appointment on their schedule.

I also feel they all really know their stuff and are very knowledgeable in all areas I’ve asked them to help me work with

I started with lots of pain and felt uncomfortable just sitting in a chair for the longest time.

After only a couple of weeks of working with them, I have significantly less pain, and I feel like I can go back to many things that I had stopped doing due to the pain I was having.

What’s a Typical Visit Like?

I love that the team are all friends with each other and sit and chat with me throughout my appointment.

Nothing is uncomfortable or awkward, and I can come in and chat and have fun while also making progress in my physical therapy.

They make me laugh every time I come in, which I definitely always need more of in my life. I will still stop by and say hi in the future, even when I’m finished with physical therapy.

They do accept many insurances, but if they don’t accept yours, they have an affordable self-pay option, which is totally worth it!

Where to Find Them

Located in the southwest corner of Salt Lake City, their clinic is close to our location in Riverton. They are right along the 85 and close to the 154 for easy access from anywhere in the city.

Kinetic Physical Therapy
5089 W Herriman Blvd,
Herriman, UT, United States,

You can also get more information from their Facebook page, which is updated regularly.

If you have any questions regarding their services, you can contact us and we’d be happy to field any questions you have. Just like your hearing, you should never ignore health issues, as they always have a way of getting worse.

We are so lucky to have a business like this at our disposal, so let’s take advantage and get healthy with the help of this amazing local business.