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New Patient Hearing EvaluationComprehensive testing in order to get the most accurate results to find the best solution for the patient, if any is needed. Current Patient Hearing Aid ServiceCleaning/service for existing House of Hearing patients with hearing aids.

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It took some time for Riverton, UT to grow into the thriving community it is today. After three irrigation canals brought water to the benchlands, which made it possible for our community to become a major crop-producing area until most of the land was sold for housing development by the end of the 1960s.

Today, our community is a suburb at the southwestern end of Salt Lake City, where residents are able to spread out and enjoy a little extra breathing room. The Salt Lake County Equestrian Center is in the northern part of Riverton, drawing horsemen and horsewomen from all over the region for special events, while our regional parks and golf courses further accommodate those who enjoy the outdoors.

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