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Hearing and balance services for the people of Northern Utah.

Hearing Tests

Hearing loss is prevalent, affecting 1 in 8 Americans. However, many people wait to have their hearing tested. A hearing test is quick and painless. The purpose of the hearing test is to determine if hearing loss is present and what degree it is (mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe or profound).

During your hearing exam, you will sit in a sound booth with a pair of headphones on and our hearing specialist will play a series of sounds at different frequencies. After the test our team will go over your management options if a hearing loss is present.

If you think you or a loved one has hearing loss, contact us today!

Young patient getting her annual hearing test at her local hearing center in Northern Utah
Hearing Instrument Specialist programing a patient's hearing aid

Hearing Aid Fittings & Programming

Our team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are all experts in hearing aid technology. Whether you have new hearing aids or need an adjustment on your existing devices, our team can help you.

As a privately owned hearing clinic, we have the ability to fit and program hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers. Using the results of your audiogram (your hearing prescription) we will fine-tune your devices to match your exact hearing needs. We will also fit them to your exact ear shape, so they fit securely yet comfortably.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

We all know the feeling of frustration when a device isn’t working properly or at all. You may be tempted to throw them in a drawer or fiddle with them yourself, but don’t! The audiologists and hearing specialists at House of Hearing are Northern Utah’s most trusted hearing aid repair specialists and can fix your devices.

The most common problems with hearing aids we see are:

Hearing Instrument Specialist handing a patient their repaired hearing aids
patient with severe hearing loss wearing cochlear implants

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices designed to help those with moderate to profound hearing loss who have a functioning cochlea and who have not seen benefits from hearing aids. Both adults and children can benefit from cochlear implants.

We have a cochlear implant specialist on our team, Dr. Meghan Mann, who will guide you through the different parts of the cochlear implant and answer any of your questions.

Cochlear implants contain the following parts:

Please Note: Cochlear implant appointments are only available at our Draper office.

Tinnitus Management

Over 25 million Americans experience ringing in the ears, medically known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of hearing a sound (such as a buzzing, humming, ringing, or whistling) in the head or ears when no external sounds are present.

Tinnitus itself is not a hearing disorder, but rather a symptom of another issue. These vary from noise-induced hearing loss to build-up of earwax, sinus infections, jaw misalignments, or certain medications. Because of our partnerships with local ENT specialists, we can refer you if any of these conditions are the cause of your tinnitus.

To properly diagnose tinnitus, the first step is a hearing evaluation along with a tinnitus assessment. We will test your hearing to determine the root cause of your tinnitus. While there is no one tinnitus treatment that will cure these phantom sounds, hearing aids are a good management tool. Although hearing aids won’t stop ringing in the ears completely, they can help you experience relief.

Man with tinnitus having ringging in the ear
Woman doing at home exercises to improve her balance

Balance Testing

Dizziness and unsteadiness are some of the most debilitating symptoms adults face. There are a large number of potential causes for dizziness and feelings of unbalance. These can be linked to vision, medication, cardiovascular health, or they can be neurological.

House of Hearing is a proud partner with the American Institute of Balance (AIB). AIB is one of the country’s best-known diagnostic, treatment, and educational facilities specializing in equilibrium disorders. Through this partnership, our doctors of audiology are accredited to diagnose and treat vertigo and balance conditions.

We offer neurodiagnostic testing to diagnose any balance conditions. All testing is easy, comfortable, and uses advanced technology. If you are experiencing unsteadiness or issues with your balance, contact us today.

Custom Hearing Protection

Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in individuals of all ages. Everyday sounds can be dangerous to hearing, especially if they exceed the safe threshold of sound which is 85 decibels. To ensure your hearing stays safe for years to come, you should wear hearing protection when exposed to loud noise.

At our hearing center, we carry custom fit earplugs and earmolds for shooter’s plugs, swim plugs, musician’s plugs, and overall hearing protection.

Man working in construction wearing hearing protection to protect his ears
Woman at home meeting with her audiologist through telehealth, a virtual hearing appointment


We know it can be difficult to come into the office. Whether because of childcare, long work hours, or lack of transportation, we understand. That’s why we offer virtual appointments. Through the use of teleaudiology, we can meet with patients virtually, so you don’t have to leave your own home.

Your telehealth appointment will be broken into a four steps: