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The Tooele Valley has provided a home for families for about 9,000 years, according to the vast amount of evidence found in the Danger Cave archeological site, but the first European settlers to the area arrived in 1849, seeking a place to graze cattle. However, mining was what caused Tooele, UT to become an important part of the state’s economy, adding a railway line, tunnel, and an aerial tram to transport lead, zinc, and copper ore to the International Smelting and Refining Company smelter east of town until 1972.

Since the smelter closed, Tooele has become a quieter place where our residents can enjoy small-town living away from the chaos of the more urbanized Jordan Valley to the east. Outdoors enthusiasts throughout northern Utah have access to the equipment and apparel they need thanks to the Cabela’s distribution center in Tooele, and those who enjoy motorsports come to the Utah Motorsports Campus for auto, motorcycle, bicycle, and kart racing.

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