Dr. Molly LeRoy, Audiologist at House of Hearing explaining the difference between hearing aids from Costco vs House of Hearing

The Differences Between Buying Hearing Aids From Costco vs. House Of Hearing

Hearing Aids From Costco vs. House Of Hearing

So you’re pretty sure you have a hearing loss; you’ve been thinking about getting hearing aids for a while now, and you’ve finally got so far as to start doing your online research. Costco sounds like a good idea because you’ve heard their prices are reasonable, even though you know the House of Hearing’s team of Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists is local. And then the prevailing question becomes, “So what’s the difference between Costco and House of Hearing?” In this article, I’ve outlined the differences for you to make an informed decision. I’ve listed the pros and cons, so when you are a few months down the road with your new hearing aids, you can look back and know you made the right decision. Chart showing difference in Costco vs House of Hearing hearing aids
  1. Costco Is a Convenience Store, Not a Hearing Clinic

    Costco is a store set up to give its customers a bit of everything, which means they don’t specialize. You can go to Costco and get your hearing test before you shop, but Costco’s hearing assessment is not nearly as thorough as one done at the House of Hearing. At House of Hearing, we not only perform a comprehensive hearing assessment, but we also take the time to educate you about your hearing health and the results of your hearing test. This education can help you better understand the reasons behind your hearing loss and how your hearing aids can help. The value of a proper hearing evaluation is that if you need hearing aids, they will be programmed very precisely to your unique test results. We test for pitch, tone, speech recognition, and more during your hearing assessment. We have an online hearing test you can take to get a very basic idea of what a professional test might find. Still, as mentioned above, an online hearing test cannot take the place of a comprehensive assessment in a controlled environment with sensitive and well-calibrated equipment.
  2. You Won’t Get the Benefit of a Professional Hearing Care Team at Costco

    When you visit Costco, you usually have one dispenser assist you with the purchase of your devices, which means you won’t get the same level of care or expertise as you would with an experienced team of hearing professionals. At House of Hearing, our care extends beyond the initial purchase of your hearing aids. We provide comprehensive aftercare services, including regular cleanings, adjustments as needed, and annual hearing evaluations. These services ensure that your hearing aids continue to meet your needs and that any changes in your hearing can be addressed promptly. Costco falls short in determining the cause of your hearing loss, seeking merely to address the symptoms. This failure can cause costly delays in diagnosing the real issues relating to your hearing loss and can mean missing potentially serious underlying conditions that could remain untreated, further damaging your health. Furthermore, Costco would be unable to provide a diagnosis or treatment for conditions like Tinnitus or balance disorders. In contrast, we can refer you to a trusted medical professional as we partner with a large group of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists and a neurologist for conditions outside of standard hearing healthcare.
  3. We’ll Recommend the Best Hearing Aid for You

    With all the main brands available to us, we’ll recommend the best hearing solution for your hearing needs, based on your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget. Unlike many providers, House of Hearing is not limited to a specific brand or model of hearing aid. We offer a variety of options from different manufacturers, allowing us to provide the best solution for your individual needs. Through our leading team and methodical approach to achieving better hearing, by partnering with us you’re receiving a hearing care partner for life that will ensure you receive the highest level of care and expertise. We also have 4 amazing hearing care plans to suit every budget. Costco locks some of their devices: If you buy Costco’s Kirkland brand but want another provider to take over your care, these devices are often locked, which means adjustments won’t be possible.
  4. We’ll Keep Adjusting and Fitting Until You’re Happy

    We do whatever it takes to make sure your hearing aids fit well and feel comfortable all day long with our perfect-fit guarantee. We also program your hearing aids to match the hearing test data so that all your auditory needs are met properly by the device. Additionally, House of Hearing understands that treating hearing loss is an investment. We offer various financing options to make this investment more affordable, and we will work with you to help you understand your insurance benefits and what costs may be covered. We also teach you everything you need to know about how to benefit from all the features of the device and how to best maintain your hearing aids so that they last for many years.
  5. We’re Here Throughout Your Hearing Journey

    We look forward to providing you with lifetime, long-term hearing care, and we promise that we will never see you as a dollar sign but as a member of our House of Hearing family.
  6. The Cost Difference Is Negligible

    Costco’s hearing aids start at $1599.99, and they charge extra if you want custom-fitted earmolds. Our prices include hearing packages that bundle all the hearing services you need and that last for the next one to four years—regular hearing checkups and visits, hearing aid maintenance, hearing aid supplies, and ongoing support from advanced doctors of audiology and hearing instrument specialists. Choose from the Essential, Smart, Signature, or All-Inclusive packages to fit your preference and budget.
  7. We Offer Similar Repair, Loss, And Damage Warranties

    If you lose or drop your hearing aids, or if they need repairs, Costco provides 3-year loss and damage protection on most of their models and has a repair warranty. If you need your hearing aids repaired, you must drop them off at Costco and pay for any repairs that fall outside the warranty. House of Hearing includes a 1 to 4 year managed repair warranty and loss and damage insurance depending on the hearing package you choose, and we give loaner devices while you wait for yours to be repaired, which Costco does not do. This warranty/protection from House of Hearing offers you added peace of mind, ensuring that you can continue to hear clearly even if something happens to your hearing aids. Both Costco and House of Hearing include free cleaning and checking in the cost.
  8. We Offer Convenience

    We offer convenient appointment times at all of our locations, including extended appointment times during early morning and evening hours. House of Hearing offers short, 15-minute “tele-audiology initial consultations,” where you can chat confidentially with an audiologist about any concern. We have a tele-audiology service for anyone who would rather chat with their audiologist on a video chat. Costco also provides virtual appointments with a member of their dispensing team. We can even troubleshoot and adjust some of the newer hearing aids remotely. On this page, we have a chat window for answers to general questions, and you can call or request a callback from there. At House of Hearing, we go above and beyond to accommodate our patients’ schedules and needs. Whether it’s by offering flexible appointment times, providing tele-audiology services, or having the ability to adjust certain hearing aids remotely, we strive to make your experience as convenient as possible.
  9. We Are Locally Owned and Operated

    We have ten locations in Northern Utah, so chances are very high that we have a clinic near you. In contrast to large corporations like Costco, our local ownership allows us to provide personalized, community-centered care. We’re not just your healthcare provider—we’re your neighbors.

Our House Of Hearing Experts Can Help

We’re here and available to help you with any questions or concerns about your hearing, and we offer a complimentary 15-minute chat by video or in person so you can experience our expertise and care for yourself. Book it here. And if you have no questions but would like to take a hearing test and discuss your hearing treatment options, you can book that here.