The COVID-19 pandemic has touched everyone and changed the way Utahns interact in their daily lives. Governor Gary R. Herbert’s latest “Stay Safe, Stay Home” directive calls on businesses and individuals to help “flatten the curve” by restricting non-essential meetings between people.

At House of Hearing, we take our patients’ health and safety extremely seriously and are always seeking out new ways to ensure they get the best possible advice and treatment. 

That’s why, today, we’re proud to be introducing an all-new service – “Tele Audiology.” This will give patients the same face-to-face contact that they would receive in a doctor’s office but delivered through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

During 15-minute appointments, patients will gain all the hearing support they need during this challenging period in our state’s history.

So, What is Tele Audiology?

Instead of insisting that you see a doctor in person, “Tele Audiology” offers patients the opportunity to engage with their doctor through the camera function on a digital device.

Through this capability, individuals can receive expert assistance without having to make wholesale changes to their daily schedule or take undue risks during the current coronavirus pandemic.

During confidential appointments, individuals can discuss hearing health issues with a professional and gain life-changing, no-obligation advice on potential problems. Current patients can also arrange check-ups with their doctors through this service.

Impressively, those with state-of-the-art hearing aid technology can benefit from the remote programming feature. This allows audiologists to troubleshoot problems, modify a device’s sensitivity, and ensure it always performs to its greatest capacity.

How Does it Work?


Talk To An Audiologist Remotely Now Through ‘Tele Audiology’

If you want to know more about how Tele Audiology can help you, click here to complete a form or call us at (801) 657-4175 to schedule a complimentary appointment.

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MacKenzie Ivory, BC-HIS

Mackenzie graduated from Utah State University in 2018 with her BS in communication disorders and deaf education. She has been working with the House of Hearing team since October 2018 and is interning to become board certified as a hearing instrument specialist. She first developed an interest in hearing back in 2009 when her three-year-old brother was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss. Later on that year, her newborn sister was also diagnosed with the same hearing loss. During her time at House of Hearing, she has made a lasting impact on many members of the community. In particular, it makes her so happy anytime someone gets fitted with hearing aids for the first time and comes back to tell her all about the things they can now hear.