Denver Nageli at House of Hearing spotlighting a local business, Toasters located in Millcreek, UT

Love Local: Find Out Why Toasters Is So Delicious!

After serving the Salt Lake City area for 34 years, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting thousands of patients from our local communities. During that time, the House of Hearing has not only cared for their hearing, but we’ve also shared some great stories and learned many things about what our patients enjoy doing locally.

This includes all of the small businesses that make our corner of the world such a special place to live and thrive. As a local business ourselves, I empathize with the many challenges owning a business can entail as well as appreciate the rewards it can bring.

Therefore, I love the opportunity to support small business owners. If we are able to buy from them, we are supporting their family. We are supporting a family’s dream by purchasing from them!

That’s why each month we’ll be celebrating local businesses with our new feature called Love Local. This is our way of recognizing standout businesses that have contributed to our community, provided employment opportunities to area residents, and have made the Salt Lake City area a fantastic place to live.

Toasters Finds Success in Millcreek

This month, I’m excited to shine the spotlight on Toasters in Millcreek. I have been their customer for two years and have thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

Toasters is owned by Enes Huskic and his wife, Mubera, and they are undoubtedly one of the nicest couples in the world. They’ve been serving the Salt Lake City area for more than fifteen years at their four locations across the city. Originally from Bosnia, Enes strives to put a European twist on America’s much loved corner sandwich delis.

Their fifth location opened in Millcreek at the start of the pandemic, just when many businesses were closing their doors. Nevertheless, they didn’t give up when there was adversity, and now they have one of the best restaurants in the area.

Tasty Sandwiches to Sink Your Mouth Into

I love their delicious and healthy food, and the menu has so many mouth-watering options to choose from. The breakfast menu features bagels and croissants, generously filled with various meat, fish, and vegetarian selections.

For lunch, try one of their lightly toasted ciabatta sandwiches, tempting wraps, or unique salads. My favorites include the Spicy Buffalo Chicken wrap or the Pesto Chicken sandwich, which are both amazing!

Toasters truly is the ultimate deli experience. Visitors can eat indoors among the enticing food display cabinets and shelves packed with treats, or on a warm day, wander out to their outdoor patio in the back to enjoy a cappuccino or a café latte made from locally roasted espresso beans.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure you won’t leave disappointed.

Where to Find Them

Toasters is located right next door to our Millbrook office, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat after your appointment with us. They are open daily until 3p.m. but offer a drive-thru option until 5p.m.

Don’t miss this opportunity to try out one of the best restaurants in the area while you are here – and be sure to thank them for being such a great part of our wonderful community!