Dr. Molly LeRoy, Audiologist at House of Hearing explaining how expensive hearing aids are

How Much Are Hearing Aids? | A Northern Utah-Based Hearing Expert Answers

When you start thinking about using hearing aids and wonder if you need them, a common question that comes up is:

“How much do they cost?”

This is a valid question, but finding a simple answer isn’t that easy, as you might have already figured out from your research. Basically, the price of hearing aids can vary a lot – anywhere from $800 for entry-level devices all the way up to $7490 for premium technology – depending on the different features.

When it’s time to select hearing aids, a clinic that offers custom hearing care pushes the door wide open, allowing you to choose the options that fit your lifestyle and personal preferences.

In this article, we’ll further explore why hearing care providers tend to hold their cards close to the vest when it comes to the price of hearing aids.

Standard Features vs. Custom Features

How much does a car cost?

The answer depends on which make and model you’re talking about, but even if you’re talking about a specific car or truck, the price varies. The basic car or truck comes with the standard features and nothing else, but the platinum package comes with additional custom features that match your personal preferences.

Hearing aids are similar. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and levels of performance and with different levels of technology. A “standard feature” hearing aid will provide basic levels of sound processing and amplification, while a more advanced model will have additional features like background noise reduction, tinnitus management features, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Consequently, just like when buying a car, if you ask how much hearing aids cost, the correct answer is, “It depends on what you want.”

What’s the Difference Between Hearing Aids and Hearing Care?

The price tag attached to your hearing aid investment involves understanding the difference between cost and value.

The cost of a hearing aid is the amount of money it takes to produce it and the amount you pay for the features of the hearing aid, but the value of your investment also includes the advantages and benefits you receive from it.

A hearing aid is nothing more than a tool for helping you achieve better hearing, which means it provides some value, but hearing care enhances the value of hearing aids, because it goes beyond simply putting hearing aids in your ears and sending you out the door.

Hearing care includes helping you achieve better hearing as well as an independent lifestyle and an improved quality of life.

You’re not apt to enjoy these benefits unless you’re satisfied that you’re getting all the advantages and benefits from a hearing instrument that addresses your unique needs, circumstances, and personal preferences.

When you partner with the right hearing care provider, you’ll get the right hearing aids, but you’ll also get the necessary, long-term personal and technical support to continue to hear your best for years to come. That’s the value of hearing care.

Online Hearing Aid Prices Are Tricky

When you do an internet search, thousands of hearing aids at just about every price point imaginable pop up. Within a few minutes of searching, you’ll find a hearing instrument that is the perfect price to fit your budget.

When it comes to better hearing and overall health, is your budget the most important consideration?

What price would you put on better communication, improved relationships, a reinvigorated social life, a reduced risk of cognitive decline, better balance, and the assurance that you can continue to enjoy these things for years to come?

If you save $50, $100, or even $500 on your hearing aids but don’t experience the benefits of improved overall health and a better quality of life, will you be satisfied with your purchase?

Better hearing is an investment into a better future, and the value of personalized hearing care reaches well beyond the cost of a hearing aid.

How We Can Help

Since 1986, House of Hearing has helped thousands of individuals in Northern Utah improve their lives through better hearing. During that time, we’ve learned that helping you achieve your goals involves you building a partnership with a great team of hearing care professionals that have your best interests at heart.

To us, you are a partner on a journey to better hearing, rather than a customer. We support you through your highs and lows, while we offer our knowledge and experience as doctors of audiology for better hearing health.

At House of Hearing, we also understand that the cost of hearing aids can be a significant investment. This is why we offer flexible payment options and work with insurance and third-party financiers to make hearing aids accessible. Plus, we offer unbundled pricing, providing you with transparency and control over what you’re paying for.

Bottom line, we put less value in selling hearing aids than we do in helping change lives.

Get More Information About the Hearing Care Available to You

The price of your hearing aids should take a backseat to the value of personalized hearing care when it comes to making an investment into a better hearing future. Your long-term outcomes are far more important to us than selling you a pair of hearing aids.

So, if personalized, full-service hearing care is valuable to you, contact us today!