Chandler Young

Billing Manager

Originating from Riverton, Chandler went to Riverton High School.

As a billing manager, she starts off the day by addressing concerns that have been sent to her, remaining attentive and personal to each case. Then, she performs her daily tasks, including checking on insurance claims and looking into her agenda for the rest of the week, making sure to plan her time accordingly.

What Chandler loves most about her role is the strong community the team has built, where they are not only co-workers but friends as well. The whole team has very supportive management that brings everyone together to focus on their goal of helping those with hearing difficulties succeed in their daily life.

Initially, Chandler started as front desk for West Jordan back in 2015. Since then, she has moved up to billing manager and taken on a substantial role for one person, of which she is very proud of.

When she’s not in the clinic, Chandler enjoys being outdoors with her family, friends, and her pup, Riggs. While camping and hunting are her main outdoor activities, she recently started tiptoeing in golf.

Headshot of Chandler Young, Billing Manager at House of Hearing

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