Dr. Amanda Pratt


Dr. Amanda Pratt grew up in Utah and obtained her undergraduate degree at Utah State University followed by her Doctorate of Audiology at Arizona State University.

Her interest in working with technology and people introduced her to the world of hearing care. Dr. Pratt acknowledges that audiology is constantly evolving, and as someone who has always enjoyed doing research, she is thrilled to contribute to the field.

At the House of Hearing, Dr. Pratt’s day-to-day responsibilities include recommending and programming hearing aids to each individual’s prescription as well as teaching patients how to take charge of their hearing health and advocate for themselves.

Her favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to empower her patients with access to sound and communication – something they sometimes didn’t realize they didn’t have before.

Outside of work, Dr. Pratt loves to dance, hike, and play the piano.

Headshot of Dr. Amanada Pratt, Audiologist at House of Hearing

Get to Know Dr. Amanda Pratt

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