Local People Share Their Experiences

Cindy Burnsed
Love Hearing I feel so fortunate to have Liz Hankins on my hearing team. She and her associates have made it possible for me to re-join the world that was so quickly slipping away. I feel fortunate that I was able to get the help I desperately needed at this stage in my hearing loss. The adjustment has been minimal and the rewards many. Love Hearing Again!
Hank Arriz
5/04/2022 - Google
I am really impressed with the way I’ve been treated. I think it’s going to help my cognition. I’m going to talk about their screening results with my neurologist because that’s a great service they offer. I wish I had done it earlier.
Steve Fairbanks
5/03/2022 - Google
What a joy it is to visit with Liz! She gladly shares her knowledge and the purpose of each procedure and it’s effect on my hearing. Since my hearing loss began with a disease it’s valuable to me to have some understanding of what my hearing is going through. On top of that, she is a genuinely nice person. I almost hate having my visits end. I can comfortably recommend her and the quality of her service, and tell her Steve sent you!
Chantelle K
5/02/2022 - Google
The house of hearing has been really helpful for my hearing health. They do frequent hearing tests to make sure my hearing aids are the right prescription for me, and when there’s something wrong they are really quick to help. Jenna is particularly helpful. They take great care of their patients!
Brian Fillmore
5/02/2022 - Google
The three providers at the House of Hearing with whom I have worked over the past five years have been professional and friendly at every appointment. Their treatment has helped me maintain my hearing. They have been conscious of my financial concerns and done their best to keep my hearing aids operating well for all these years. I believe they are seriously concerned about helping me enjoy the best quality of life possible as I get older. Kenzy Ivory has worked with me the longest of the three, and I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their hearing health.
charlene unrein
5/02/2022 - Google
House of hearing is great and has the best service for my hearing needs
Morgan Stokes
5/01/2022 - Google
I am so grateful to the audiologists at the House of Hearing! I have had some problems with my hearing aids that had me in the office more than usual. Jenna helped me each time and was always kind and patient and wanted to make sure that my devices were working properly and she would do everything she could to make sure my devices were set up specifically for my needs and that I was satisfied before leaving. Thank you!
Reva Anderson
4/14/2022 - Google
They have been really helpful with my husband's hearing. Great location
Roy Moore
4/14/2022 - Google
Lindsey, Very straight up honest willing to meet my needs. Felt at ease, no pressure. Very knowledgeable and a real human being that is gentle and caring. House of hearing had a good person in Maggi, Lindsey transcended very well into the new position, she is a keeper.
Elaine Peterson
4/13/2022 - Google
I've been going to house of hearing for a long time and I've always enjoyed them. They have treated me well and given wonderful service. I can't hear anything without my hearing aids and I'm grateful for them and the help I've received at house of hearing.
Dave Saunders
4/11/2022 - Google
I would recommend House if hearing. My life has changed with my new hearing aids. Friends and family say that they also are happy that they don’t have to repeat what they say. Kenzie was great and very kind and patient even though she was dealing with an old man.
Stephen Leonard
4/09/2022 - Google
House of Hearing has taken care of my hearing health for many years. I’ve got to know the staff and doctors, and couldn’t be more satisfied
Karen Christensen
4/07/2022 - Google
I chose House of Hearing at random and am so glad I did. From my first visit, I have been treated with consideration and professionalism. Kenzie is great and has answered all my questions to my complete satisfaction. My hearing aids are comfortable and I don't miss anything anymore.
Jim Speth
4/05/2022 - Google
The people here care and they try hard to help me hear the best I can. Kenzie and Amanda have been really good to me. I like my hearing aids.
clint loveland
4/05/2022 - Google
The service is great and anything they do for me helps me. Kenzie has been very helpful.
Allan Loyborg
4/05/2022 - Google
I have worn Lyric hearing aids for about 2 1/2 years. During this time Jenna and the House of Hearing staff have always been professional and helpful with my hearing needs. If the need arises for other than a routine appointment I have always been accommodated to quickly resolve my hearing concern.
Philip Bourdos
3/31/2022 - Google
Dr. Liz is great. Best hearing aids ever. I have referred so many friends and family to see her and the rest of the gang at the office. They are awesome!
Elisabeth Pontius
3/04/2022 - Google
I’ve been so uncomfortable for a while now, I was really nervous about the procedures. Whitney was kind and sensitive. She explained everything well and also was encouraging. She shared what others who had done the procedures said about their experience. She really helped me feel prepared and empowered to do what I needed to do to get the information I need to feel better. It was a longish procedure, but it felt relaxed and engaging throughout. She noticed I was cold at one point and got me a really nice blanket. Thank you thank you.
Jon Hoopes
2/22/2022 - Google
McKenzie has been very knowledgeable and helpful. My appointments are always on time. It’s so good to get my hearing aids checked and cleaned regularly. They still work well. Life is better when I can hear. Thanks House of Hearing Brigham City and McKenzie
Tanya Robinson
2/14/2022 - Google
Thanks to audiologist Dr. Rasmussen for working with me to get my new hearing aids adjusted for maximum comfort. She was so willing to keep making tweaks to deal with background noise, rustling from my earrings, my tiny ear canals, etc etc. Her advice to be patient as my brain adjusted to the new amplification was spot on, and after three weeks of wearing hearing aids I’m quite happy with the results.