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Sharon M. Petersen Avatar
Sharon M. Petersen
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Yes!! 5 stars. I see Jenna and Jenna is awesome I can hear so much better. I would recommend this to anyone.

Lanea Loosle Avatar
Lanea Loosle
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The House of Hearing is perfect for my mom who lives at an assisted living center. Kenzie will come right to the center to change her hearing aids when we can’t get out to her appointment. The office is friendly and accommodating. Very helpful and knowledgeable in recommending hearing aids. We are very pleased with the service they provide and would recommend them to others.

Dave McGlochlin Avatar
Dave McGlochlin
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The doctor was very helpful, respectful and showed genuine concern for the health of my hearing. He updated the programming on my hearing aids to my complete satisfaction. Thank you!!

Steven Anderson Avatar
Steven Anderson
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They are very efficient, curious, and kind. When I e come down I've never had any trouble ingesting my hearing aids adjusted and cleaned. I appreciate McKenzie's help at all times.

Harold Mascarenas Avatar
Harold Mascarenas
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At first I was hesitant about getting hearing aids, after I got them I have been amazed at the difference it has made. Dr Hankins is awesome- she has made it so I know how things operate and she listens to me. Her assistant Tori is so great. Their customer service is awesome.

Gayle Randall Avatar
Gayle Randall
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Very helpful to my father with a problem he had with his hearing aids! Very pleased with the service!

Joe Decker Avatar
Joe Decker
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The gentleman doing my test and any follow up has been excellent. I’ve had hearing aids for over 25 years with tons of experience with exams and hearing aids Denver was professional, and caring. Tell him I sent you.

Tammy Quintana Avatar
Tammy Quintana
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My dad purchased hearing aids from Maggie a few years ago and refuses to see anyone else! My mom says she explains everything so well and makes the whole experience understandable and pleasant. They hate to drive downtown but says Maggie is worth it!!

Stacie Villegas Avatar
Stacie Villegas
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Maggie is an awesome audiologist. The House of Hearing is a great place!

Sandy Allen Avatar
Sandy Allen
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My experience with Denver at House of Hearing was very positive. He provided me with the different options I had to choose the best hearing aid and spent time explaining how to use them. He was very professional and knowledgeable.

Christopher Miller Avatar
Christopher Miller
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Dr Henkins was patient and thorough in her explanation of my hearing loss that resulted from surgery a few years back. Answered every question to my satisfaction.

She truly wanted to give me all the information so I could make the best decision for my hearing loss and get me set up with a device that would fit my lifestyle and budget.

Bill Goodwin Avatar
Bill Goodwin
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I knew I was with the right people when I was sent to a ENT to have a medical review done before they would talk about hearing aids. They are truly concerned with finding the cause of hearing loss and then properly treating it.
When I decided it was time to be fitted for hearing aids, after the Doctors review and findings, House of Hearing took the necessary time to discuss the results of the hearing test and find the best hearing aids to address my needs.
They are the right place to get help.

Lucy Leek Avatar
Lucy Leek

When I realized I was hearing words wrong and asking people to repeat what they were saying, I decided I better have my hearing tested. The experience I had at the House of Hearing was amazing. I compared it to an earlier hearing test that I had a year before with a different clinic. The other clinic told me I had hearing loss but they did not address my problem. Liz Hankins at the House of Hearing immediately treated me like I mattered. She told me that my problem was bad enough that I could be helped with hearing aids. She recommended some hearing aids for me and explained everything in detail. I was able to wear the hearing aids without any problem right from the start and now I can hear so much better. I don’t think you can find a better clinic with such excellent hearing care professionals anywhere.

Duane Crowther Avatar
Duane Crowther

When I first came to the House of Hearing to purchase hearing aids two years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by both their quality of service and their ability to determine and meet my specific hearing needs. They have had me come in quarterly for checkups and fine-tuning, which has been helpful and appreciated. Recently, when I lost one of my hearing aids on a camping trip, they acted quickly to secure and set up a replacement. I’m especially impressed with the computer technology they use to monitor my hearing abilities and needs. In my opinion, this company and staff rate five-stars-plus!

Steve Hansen Avatar
Steve Hansen
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John is the hearing professional that has assisted me in my past few visits. he is knowledgeable, interested in his patients and most of all took the time to explain so many things related to my new hearing aids and how to get the most out of them. 5-stars is not enough in this case. Thanks, John

Jean Bergstrom Avatar
Jean Bergstrom
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I felt really good about this appointment. Dr. Tongen was very efficient, personable and worked well with me regarding my hearing disability to make sure I was comfortable with adjustments made to my hearing aids.

Ben Baggett Avatar
Ben Baggett
- Facebook

Liz and Tori provided excellent, caring, professional service! We appreciate the extra attention provided to Benjis’s unique hearing needs. Some of Benji’s favorite Disney friends Jasmine and Aladdin would say “a whole new world” of hearing for Benji! Thank You House of Hearing! Would highly recommend.

Mira Lukowski Avatar
Mira Lukowski
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Hearing aids have been very good for my friend. Denver has done a lot to help us and we are very happy!

Janet MacFarlane Avatar
Janet MacFarlane
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I am very pleased with my experience. Ben was very helpful. He explained everything very clearly and made I understood how to put my aids in and take them out, and how to care for them. He had me practice and made sure I was comfortable. He was/is very wiling to help me in the future and set up an appointment to check on my progress. So far I am extremely pleased with these hearing aids. Thank you Ben

Michael Pusey Avatar
Michael Pusey
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Jenna is a very knowledgeable and conscientious individual who strives to make sure that our needs have been addressed.

Mary Pusey Avatar
Mary Pusey
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My husband and I both are extremely pleased with our time at House of Hearing. Jenna did everything we asked and more. She was very patient, was a good teacher, and made sure each time we visited that our questions were answered and we were happy with our devices. Thanks to the whole staff for making us feel welcome and important.

Kayla Christensen Avatar
Kayla Christensen
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The House of Hearing has been such an amazing place to work! Everyone that works there and the owners are so down to earth and care about their job and their patients so much. They really want to treat people right. It has been the best job I’ve ever had!

Emily Steelman Avatar
Emily Steelman
- Google

Working at the House of Hearing I have already learned so much! I've noticed that each staff member is efficient and makes sure that the care is centered around the patient and their concerns. The testing being done is thorough, and the results are described in a manner that is easy to understand. I have no doubt that if my family came into the House of Hearing, they would receive nothing but the best care!

George Garvin Avatar
George Garvin
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Excellent service. Conscientious analysis of hearing so as to calibrate hearing aids for the most sensitive customization. John, audiologist at the 3300 S in Salt Lake City office, is a highly knowledgeable pro. He is patient, thorough and dedicated to providing the best care possible.

Kevin Hansen Avatar
Kevin Hansen
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Kenzie Ivory is outstanding. She has been helping me for over a year and does a great job. I enjoy my visits to she office.

Don Shaver Avatar
Don Shaver
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Ben is very thorough, clearly enthusiastic about his profession and a good listener(ironic that he works at a hearing center:). He tested my hearing, reviewed it with Dr. Tagge and ultimately recommended the Lyric hearing aid. Much to my surprise, the tinnitus that I had experienced 24/7 for the last 10 years became negligible almost immediately. It has now been 3 weeks for me with this device and I couldn't be happier! On a side note, Ben has called to check on me weekly to make sure the device was fitting and operating properly. I would definitely recommend calling Ben for a consultation if you find yourself in need.

Cheryl Phillips Avatar
Cheryl Phillips
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I have switched to the House of Hearing because my husband went to them and the quality of follow up care was Unbelievable, I had been with someone else and never received the care that he had. They truly care about your hearing and not just about selling the hearing aids. Another nice perk is the free supplies. Batteries and filters can be pricy! From the moment you go in YOU know that You are their top priority. I would give them 10 stars and more ! Do your self a favor and try them out . We saw Dr. Liz Hankins and she is fantastic and on top of things

Richard Gale Avatar
Richard Gale
- Google

Extremely friendly and personable helped me to see or should I say hear so many words I was missing. I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t hearing and how often I just withdrew its made a difference for those around me as well. Couldn’t have had a better experience

Shelby Summers Avatar
Shelby Summers
- Google

I love working for the House of Hearing!
The staff is professional and centers everything they do around the overall success and happiness of their patients. Every Audiologist and Audiology Technician strives to give all patients the best and most reliable care they can get. The staff is thorough, honest and hard working. I would trust any of them with my loved ones.

Shauna Dow Avatar
Shauna Dow
- Google

Liz Hankins sees my elderly mother and she is so patient and courteous with her. She is not always the easiest patient but Liz always calms her down and sends her away happy and feeling taken care of. When we first got moms hearing aids we knew nothing, Liz took so much time educating us on all of the different options. It was a process and Liz took the time to help with that process. Liz is always so kind and compassionate, a joy to be around. She is just great and we appreciate her so much!

Verlin Christensen Avatar
Verlin Christensen
- Google

I have been a House of Hearing customer for 11 years ... I have been treated fairly, used top quality products, and improved my way of life. I recently began going g to the Brigham City location and really happy with the staff there. I feel like they are friends

James Gautier Avatar
James Gautier
- Google

Dr Liz is the only person I’ll let touch my ears. This is been the best experience to save me from being deaf. I am very grateful to the House of Hearing for having Liz here.

Jamie Hansen Avatar
Jamie Hansen
- Google

Helping my mom Cathy Avila write this review. They were courteous, friendly and most of all honest. I would refer my closest friends. Josh did a great job. Thank you 😊

Kenzie B Avatar
Kenzie B
- Google

I’ve recommended many family and friends to visit Denver at the House of Hearing in Provo! He makes sure he listens to your needs and then helps find a solution to meet those needs! No pressure, just him making sure you leave happy. Go visit him for your hearing needs- you won’t regret it!

Kenzie B Avatar
Kenzie B
- Google

If you live in or near Tooele, then you are extremely lucky because you have one of the best heading aid specialists out there! Roshelle is kind and amazing and truly cares about everyone that walks into her office! I would recommend her to ANYONE because she really will make you feel cared for and hear the best you can!

Janet Mecham Avatar
Janet Mecham
- Google

They are always on time and their time management is wonderful and professionalism is great! Kenzie knows her material and is very patient and personable. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs hearing aids.

Jill Spriggs Avatar
Jill Spriggs
- Google

This team has been so supportive of me as I began using a hearing aid at age 63. I had my 91 year old mom get aids from them too. They are SO good with working with the super elderly.

Bud Gaylord Avatar
Bud Gaylord
- Facebook

JENNA has done a wonderful job for me and my hearing aids are far more superior than any others I’ve tried.

Marilyn Bailey Hausknecht Avatar
Marilyn Bailey Hausknecht
- Facebook

Liz is a wonder helping me with my Lyric hearing aids.

Barbara Hegland Avatar
Barbara Hegland
- Google

My mother had Jenna today and she thought she was wonderful and appreciated her kindness and help. The staff at house of hearing are friendly and very helpful. Thank you for your service.

Karen Emery Avatar
Karen Emery
- Google

I just got my first pair of hearing aids from audiologist, Liz at the House of Hearing in Riverton. I can't say enough about the excellent service and quality of the devices. From the hearing exam to the fittings, Liz has been professional and knowledgeable, but also caring and concerned about my needs and comfort. In her positive way, she explained everything well and made sure I understood. She has stressed that I can always get help with questions and concerns. She eased me into wearing hearing aids, and has been adjusting them, using my feedback and data from the aids themselves. I am so pleased, and my husband will also purchase his hearing aids soon - definitely from Liz.

Barrett Ray Avatar
Barrett Ray
- Google

Maggie is an amazing audiologist that is a role model for every student striving to become a successful audiologist! She takes the time to build connections with each one of her patients and they are always comfortable with her. She always does what is best for the patient and is a model for patient centered care.

LouAnn Anderson Avatar
LouAnn Anderson
- Google

Jenna was wonderful! I was hesitant to get hearing aids—sounded old and depressing. She talked to me about all the benefits and was so kind. I couldn’t be happier! I feel like Jenna is really a friend and wants the best for me. I can’t recommend her too highly!

Margie Holm Avatar
Margie Holm
- Google

Roshelle is the greatest! She has been wonderful with my mother and my father. She makes us feel comfortable and was able to choose and fit hearing aids that are easy for them to wear. She is fun and friendly. We love her and almost think of her as family.

In the next few months she will help me choose my first pair of hearing aids. I’m looking forward to hearing better and I’m sure I will have great help.

Bonnie Groll Avatar
Bonnie Groll
- Google

After being referred by a friend, I bought hearing aids from the previous owner (Card) in this office and was served very well. Later I took in each of my two sisters at different times and they also bought hearing aids from House of Hearing. After wearing mine for several years, I received an offer in the mail for some that don't need batteries and give better hearing. I tried two different kinds. I purchased the Phonak brand and love the overnight charger program and hearing different things in my aids, like phone rings and music. I am hearing better. I have more to learn on how to use all their features, but I now remember to wear them every day and put them in the charger overnight and they always working well for me.

Gae Frandsen Avatar
Gae Frandsen
- Google

The House of Hearing people are very easy to work with. They do a thorough job of informing you on your options. Their testing is very professional and truly care that you are satisfied and hearing the best that is possible. I would definitely recommend them.

Charles Acklin Avatar
Charles Acklin
- Google

MY CHILDREN MADE ME DO IT !!!!! Reluctant and feeling forced, I kept the appointment they made for me only after reading a report about the connection between hearing loss and Alzheimer's disease.

I was impressed with the staff. Then something occurred when Bennett Chargo arrived. WOW! A Doctor of Audiology, he knows what he is doing and he can communicate! His knowledge, attention to detail, recommendations, and obvious skill is why I can recommend House of Hearing without reservation.

My wife decided to try House of Hearing and Bennett. Her long-time audiologist and friend is in Provo. Bennett won her over because of his ability to communicate that he cares. She hears much better now. With his knowledge of the hearing aid she currently has and the time he took to adjust her hearing aids was unexpected and exceptional.

Jake LeRoy Avatar
Jake LeRoy
- Google

If you are struggling with your hearing, call and ask for Kenzie. She will take time and work with you and make sure you are 100% happy. She is so positive and easy talk to. Call her today if you need anything.

Jennilyn McKinnon Avatar
Jennilyn McKinnon
- Google

Kenie at The Brigham City House of Hearing was great to work with. We selected hearing aides for my father, and she made sure he received the best pair for his hearing needs. She was very professional and cared about my fathers life style and matching his hearing aides to match. great experience.

Fiona Hayes Avatar
Fiona Hayes
- Google

Maggie Clarke is a former colleague of mine, and she is one of the most caring and patient-oriented audiologists I have worked with. I really appreciate how much she cares about all of the patients she sees, and how she goes above and beyond to make sure they are not only happy with their hearing aids, but also with the care they are receiving after being fit.

Zac Heinz Avatar
Zac Heinz
- Google

I had to get my hearing checked for work and decided to go into the house of hearing. Before the exam Josh looked inside my ears where I could see it on a TV screen. It was really cool but also super gross with the amount of wax build up I had. He spent the time to get me all cleaned up. I had a WALL of wax that was covering one ear completely. It was a weird feeling once it was out but I could finally hear! The test went great. A few months later I had some ear pain and called the office. Liz was willing to see me on a Saturday when she wasn’t working to make sure it wasn’t serious. The staff has gone above and beyond to help me feel like family. I have recommended them to all my family

Donna LeRoy Avatar
Donna LeRoy
- Google

Two months ago I got fitted from the House of hearing with new hearing aids. It has made such a difference in me and my family. Especially with trying to talk with my wife and listening to the TV. It’s not turned up to maximum volume. A few years ago I tried wearing hearing aids, they made my ears itch and I did not like changing the batteries. I finally just quit wearing them. These hearing aids are small and fit down inside my ear. I cannot believe the difference. I have only missed wearing them one day. I went out of town and forgot my charger. They go in a little case at night to recharge. No trying to see or feel the little batteries to change. The staff at the office were very kind and patient. Their follow up care has been at my convenience. I live two hours away and was going to be in the area. I called and they worked me in for the very next day. I have recommended House of Hearing to my friends.

Liz Hankins Avatar
Liz Hankins
- Google

House of Hearing truly cares about their patients... I have recommended many of my friends and family members to them and everyone has always been well taken care of. Clean office, friendly staff, they stay on time, and a cold drink is always offered. Thank you for setting the bar high for hearing healthcare- ask for Josh! He’s the best!

Kenzie B Avatar
Kenzie B
- Google

This place has been a wonderful place to work for! It’s in a great location with a beautiful office! The owners are kind and friendly and they offer to take care of you for life because they actually care! If anyone I know needs hearing aids, I would definitely refer them to any of the House or Hearing offices!

Clare Nicolas Avatar
Clare Nicolas
- Google

Maggie is such a great audiologist. I am a student studying to become an audiologist, and Maggie has taught me so so much in my time working with her! She is so knowledgeable about everything regarding hearing devices, and her patients love her because of how much time and effort she puts into making sure they are satisfied!

Steve Cummings Avatar
Steve Cummings
- Google

Showed up a little early for my appointment, and while I was waiting the staff was very helpful and nice. When I met Dr. Ben I was very impressed with his friendly attitude and sincere concern for helping me with my hearing problem. He set me up with two hearing aids, then told me to come back in two weeks to fine tune them. I did that and he made adjustments for me. I couldn’t be happier, I’m hearing sounds now that I haven’t heard since I was a young man. I would without a doubt recommend Ben (and the house of hearing) to everyone with a hearing issue, plus I made a new friend! Thanks Ben.

Jake LeRoy Avatar
Jake LeRoy
- Google

My dad got his hearing aids here. He loves them. He has tried different types of hearing devices, but this is the 1st time he has actually used them everyday. He can now hear my kids (his grandkids) again. I think the family loves the hearing aids more then he does. They are super friendly and helpful. If you need help go get your hearing back from House of Hearing

mike mandelbaum Avatar
mike mandelbaum
- Google

Bennett is an amazingly knowledgeable, kind, and thorough Dr. of Audiology. From the beginning when he administered my hearing exam through the entire process of explaining, ordering, and fitting me with my hearing aids, he was very great to work with. He eased my apprehensions and even understood why ultimately the devices didn't turn out to be what I was ready for after using them during a trial period. He genuinely wants to help his patients without using pressured sales techniques. I absolutely recommend him and "The House of Hearing." I will return here when the time is right for me

Peter Goodall Avatar
Peter Goodall
- Google

Derrick has provided excellent and highly professional service. He repaired and calibrated my hearing aid which was purchased in Australia, conducted a hearing test on both myself and my wife and provided clear and helpful advice on Joanne's purchase of new hearing aids. We are both very pleased that we were referred to Derrick to address our hearing issues. Thank you Derrick

Roxys Mama Avatar
Roxys Mama
- Google

As most wives accuse their husband of bad hearing, I was able to verify it! We were treated with respect and an adequate amount of time was spent to determine the amount of hearing loss my husband had and the next course of action. We were impressed with the respect of the office and time spent on us.

lorena decker Avatar
lorena decker
- Google

It was so nice to have someone take the time to get to know you a few minutes before the exam. Being able to discuss our worries and stressors. Denver was able to reassure us that he could see if i had hearing loss. To see the graft and how my hearing was and what tones i was missing. Now if i feel my hearing changes he has a starting place. Great an professional.

Heidi Reed Naylor Avatar
Heidi Reed Naylor
- Facebook

We love house of hearing! Always friendly and helpful! Dr Hankins is so knowledgeable with our hearing aid. Helps with all of our concerns.

Raymond Michael Walsh Avatar
Raymond Michael Walsh
- Facebook

I have ear phones from them.

Brenda Steedman Avatar
Brenda Steedman
- Facebook

Loosing your hearing is never good news. It’s nice to have Liz Hankins on your team. Liz was there in my time of need. I started a new job, hearing becomes vital. Liz made sure I was prepared giving me all the tools I needed to succeed. Trying to keep up with the younger generation is hard enough with out my newly found disability. I only wish I had come sooner to see Liz. My kids used to wonder why I talked so loud at our coffee dates? I often wondered if they thought I was trying to get attention? That is not who I am. When I got my hearing aids I could hear myself talk. That was unexpected. Hearing has effected me socially. A smart person can feel dumb missing vital info in life. Liz has supported me technically and emotionally. It has been a wonderful experience! Liz knows the hearing industry, the technology and will set you up with the latest. I have been back many times to seek her advice on new technology and maintain my hearing aids. I always look forward to our appointments. Liz is amazing and I hope she is always at the Draper hearing house to help me.

Phil Cox Avatar
Phil Cox
- Facebook

I have been to the House of Hearing for the Last month getting my new Phonak hearing aids set up. Liz has helped me along the way with all me needs listening to me and helping with all my concerns. It is amazing the things that I and hearing now the you never realize that you were missing, the bird outside , the TV not turned up to full volume, the music sounds so much better, and best all not having to have everyone repeat what they said.

Diena Riddle Avatar
Diena Riddle
- Facebook

House of Hearing did hearing screening tests to my husband and myself. We’re planning on doing this again so we can monitor our hearing through the years. Josh did a wonderful job with this.

Vicki Baker Avatar
Vicki Baker
- Facebook

My husband is in the hospital at U of Utah. Needed hearing aid adjusted. Thank you Maggie Clarke and staff.

Kris Farrimond Avatar
Kris Farrimond
- Facebook

Jenna is the BEST!!!! Very personable and professional

Steve Ross Avatar
Steve Ross
- Facebook

Very knowledgeable and professional staff. I am very pleased with my Oticons.

Sherri Weller Avatar
Sherri Weller
- Facebook

My husband had been treated very well. I am enjoying him being able to hear me when I talk to him. 😊

Kathleen F. Gomez Fast Avatar
Kathleen F. Gomez Fast
- Facebook

Very pleasant experience & professional staff!! I am planning on being fitted for the internal aides on Monday!

Shawn Anderson Avatar
Shawn Anderson
- Facebook

I went to the Brigham City office and was very pleased with my visit. I was very nervous but the staff was great and made me feel comfortable. I get my hearing aids next week. We will see!

Chris Cram Avatar
Chris Cram
- Facebook

I went to the house of hearing because the older I get the harder it has been to hear. It was affecting my job. I was fitted with Oticon hearing aids and life has been completely different. I am hearing things I have never heard before. I almost wanted to cry. But being a guy I held back. I have had them 3 months now. I would recommend them to anyone who needs hearing aids. I went to the Provo office and I am so glad I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Paula Creager Godfrey Avatar
Paula Creager Godfrey
- Facebook

I was very happy with my visit to the Brigham City office. Both Sam and Derek were great to work with and very helpful. Derek answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable with the decision to try hearing aids to improve my quality of life. Thank you.

Kelli Jaynes Avatar
Kelli Jaynes
- Facebook

I went to the House of Hearing because they are affiliated with the ear nose and throat specialist that helped diagnose my MS 7 years ago. I referred my mother to them several years ago and she had so much success that I knew this was the place to go for my hearing aids now that I need them. Ryan has been very receptive to my needs and has provided me with the perfect aids to suit my needs.

Brian Devereaux Avatar
Brian Devereaux
- Facebook

Maggie Clark is the best. I would recommend this establishment o anyone seeking assistance. The staff is friendly and personable and you are never kept waiting long for your appointment.

Sharyll Madsen Avatar
Sharyll Madsen
- Facebook

I saw Jaime and she is so personable. My mother sees her and always makes the visits fun. She is very helpful

Bennie Mascarenas Avatar
Bennie Mascarenas
- Facebook

The reason I went to House of Hearing was because I had two friends who told me how good they were and a branch of House of Hearing was in the City. I have to admit my friends were right, I was received by the BC-HIS that ran the office, she treated me very cordially and I liked her immediately. I have been wearing hearing aids for 7 years, however she gave me a hearing test to see where I was in my hearing, she allowed me to tell her what I was looking for and we went from there. I would be glad to tell other people about our Tooele office.

Joyce Lay Avatar
Joyce Lay
- Facebook

The House of Hearing is wonderful. I can always count on it's professionalism an excellent care. I started going there taking my mother and then I finally went in and had a test for my hearing. Yes you have it right I needed hearing aids. They were wonderful to work with and I can hear wonderfully now. The receptionist could work some on there personal greetings , may be because they were busy. It's not always been that way, this visit was with new people at the desk. I know I will tell anyone with hearing problems to go to The House of hearing.

Michael Harryman Avatar
Michael Harryman
- Facebook

Great staff...nice and knowledgeable....would go again

Taylor Smith Avatar
Taylor Smith
- Facebook

The staff here really care about helping you achieve better hearing. This is the place to go to get hearing aids!

Doug Malmstrom Avatar
Doug Malmstrom
- Facebook

My first visit with House of hearing. I was very impressed with the treatment and care I received. I was treated like they truly cared about my hearing and they would work with me to help get my devices. I will be purchasing my new hearing aids there.

Lora Barnes Wirthlin Avatar
Lora Barnes Wirthlin
- Facebook

They were quick and conducted a lot of tests, but very busy. As a new patient, I felt a little rushed through. I wish they would've been a little more personable, but it wasn't like they were mean or anything. I got a script for my hearing issue, which cleared things right up in a few days. I would go again if future problems develop.

Brenda Russell Avatar
Brenda Russell
- Facebook

I have been with house of hearing since March. My story goes like this my husband has been telling me that I need to get my hearing checked. So one day I received a card in the mail for my mother but she had passed away in June of 2014. So I called House of Hearing and asked if I could use the free hearing test rather then my mother. So I did and found out I had a hearing lost and I needed hearing aids they have been a real help. I can really hear good again. Thank you house of hearing.

Sharyl Hanzon Avatar
Sharyl Hanzon
- Facebook

I have been with house of hearing for many years. As a former school teacher, you can imagine how important being able to hear those children was. I have been able to call and drop in for any problems. The staff always is helpful, and I leave with a smile and their best wishes!

Lyle Summers Avatar
Lyle Summers
- Facebook

All the years I have been with House of Hearing I have never had a bad experience. Their staff is most helpful and happy to explain things such as new technologies that are available and changes in my hearing status. Keep up the good work.

Shane Roberts Avatar
Shane Roberts
- Facebook

I love this place, they make sure I can hear what is going on around me. They always make sure that I feel like I'm the only one there, even when they're busy. THANK YOU, I definitely need to get back in really soon

Ken Kaufman Avatar
Ken Kaufman
- Facebook

We have been going to House of Hearing for years and have recived great service.

Jerri Snarr Avatar
Jerri Snarr
- Facebook

I have used the house of hearing now for several years and find them to be excellent at meeting my needs. I love that it isn't obvious that I wear them.

Dorene Gwilliam Avatar
Dorene Gwilliam
- Facebook

Everyone has always been very helpful, I do appreciate their kindness

Jim Purser Avatar
Jim Purser
- Facebook

Everytime I go in I am treated with kindness and respect. If you need hearing aids, this is the place to go.

Eleanor Brown Avatar
Eleanor Brown
- Facebook

I have had excellent service from the West Jordan clinic and will continue with them for my hearing aid needs.

David B. Stokes Avatar
David B. Stokes
- Facebook

The hearing test is very reassuring that my hearing is good. The medication healed an infection I had that caused loss of hearing. The technicians and office staff are very easy to work with. I look forward to my appointment in December,

Sherry Wright Avatar
Sherry Wright
- Facebook

I enjoyed the House of Hearing.Very positive feeling.I have made my next visit.They gave me great advice and good instructions.This is a keep for me.Sherry

Susan Egli Avatar
Susan Egli
- Facebook

I didn't get the hearing aid they offered me. I often wish I had. The fault was
I didn't want to be constantly buying batteries.
The whole staff was so good and personable. I may go back again to try the
one with no batteries at all.
Sue Egli

Gale Breitkreutz Avatar
Gale Breitkreutz
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Just started using my custom in the ear plugs. What a difference, I can wear them all day long with absolutely no discomfort. The people at House of Hearing are great to work with. Really glad I stopped at their table at Area 1 last May. I like them so much, I've ordered a pair for my wife.

J.R. Green Avatar
J.R. Green
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I resisted heating devices for many many years. I thought they'd be a hassle and awkward. I was so surprised when I finally took the leap and talked with Ryan Margetts at House of Hearing! I am now the proud user of hearing devices that act like earbuds. They sync with my phone. They play music and videos in my ears! AND I hear perfectly. I highly recommend Ryan Margetts and House of Hearing. Thank you!

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