Hearing Loss Doesn’t Happen Overnight

When we look in the mirror every morning, we do not notice ourselves ageing – yet when we look at a picture of ourselves from 5 years ago, 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, we see just how much we have changed.

It’s the same with hearing loss.

Due to the slow gradual manner of hearing loss, it’s practically impossible to notice any significant differences, yet if you could compare your hearing today to your hearing of the past, you’d be likely to notice the comparable differences.

This is one of the main reasons that the people around you often notice your hearing loss before you do. Whether you are here because you’re concerned about your hearing or a loved one’s hearing, you’re in the right place, having helped over 30,000 patients to achieve better hearing over 34 years.

Your first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment. This non-invasive, quick assessment allows us to determine if you have any form of hearing loss.

By capturing a hearing loss early, we are able to take the right steps to prevent it from worsening and get your hearing back to its best. But with an untreated hearing loss worsening, the longer it’s left, the more difficult it is to find a solution.

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How House of Hearing Can Help

Female Patient Undergoing a Comprehensive Hearing Assessment at House of Hearing

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, our blood pressure taken, and our cholesterol tested, hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

But with the latest statistics suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans have some form of hearing loss in both ears, it has never been more important to have an annual hearing test.

ReSound hearing aids in ladies hand

The Latest Prescription Hearing Aid

Nobody looks forward to the day that they can wear prescription hearing aids, but they’re an essential part of caring for the large majority of hearing losses.

The good news is that the large, clunky devices that you may remember your grandparents wearing are thankfully a thing of the past, with the latest hearing technology being small, discreet, and, in most cases, invisible.

Hearing loss and tinnitus brochure

Helping With All Your Tinnitus Challenges

Affecting 15% of Americans, tinnitus is one of the most difficult hearing health challenges to live with. Some people describe it as a ringing or buzzing sound in their ears, which can either occur around-the-clock or at random stages throughout the day.

Although most people with tinnitus are still able to continue with their daily lives, it severely impacts a small percentage of people.

happy members of staff

Salt Lake City’s Balance Disorder Experts

If you’re experiencing random spells of dizziness, spinning, or rocking, then it can be a concerning time as you try to understand why you’re randomly having trouble with your balance.

It can feel scary – it can impact your independence and your confidence to leave your home due to its unpredictable and unexpected nature.

There are a large number of potential causes for your dizziness. These can be linked to your vision, your medication, or because of cardiovascular, neurological, or even orthopedic conditions.


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It’s often the small things that hold us back from being able to make an informed decision. It may be a question or a concern, but these small things can be the hurdle that prevent us from making a positive decision today.

That’s why we have one of our hearing specialists on hand to help.

If you would like a friendly no-obligation conversation with one of our experienced experts to answer your questions and discuss any concerns, then simply complete this form and we’ll call you back when we have a moment between patient appointments.

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