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Now Through ‘Tele Audiology’

Through technology, we’re now connected more than ever.

Around the world, many people are benefiting from the speed at which communication now takes place.

Video calls, especially, have become an essential part of daily life for most.

They cut down on travel and expense, allowing family members and colleagues to come together while sitting in separate locations.

But in the profession of audiology, patient care hasn’t adapted amid this new age of rapid connectivity.

This, however, is about to change. House of Hearing is happy to announce it’s one of the first audiology clinics in Northern Utah to offer “Tele Audiology.”

As life gets busier and harder to manage, this new feature will make a huge difference to every patient.

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What is Tele Audiology?

Instead of insisting that patients attend a face-to-face meeting, “Tele Audiology” is a new way for them to engage with an audiologist via the video camera on their cell phone, computer, or tablet.

This allows patients to talk to their audiologist without having to think about arranging childcare, taking holiday time during working hours, or traveling long distances to visit a clinic.

Those who are concerned about their hearing will be able to receive no-obligation advice from doctors, while current patients will benefit from ongoing support for their particular issue.

Importantly, through this new service, audiologists can alter devices that have built-in remote programming technology. This means they can trouble-shoot issues, make changes to a hearing aid’s output, and ensure a patient is getting the most from their investment every day.

How to Set Up a Tele Audiology Initial Consultation

Often, people can feel daunted before booking a consultation with an audiologist.

They may be concerned about what happens at a hearing test, or don’t feel their issue is important enough to raise in a formal meeting.

These questions can easily play on your mind.

But if you’re worried about your hearing, it’s important to discuss this with a professional, and get the advice you need about the best steps to take.

House of Hearing offers short, 15-minute “Tele Audiology Initial Consultations,” where you can chat confidentially to an audiologist about any concern.

A complimentary service, these provide you or a loved one with information and advice about how to manage your hearing health going forward.

To begin this process, fill out the form on this page and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a suitable time.




Schedule a Tele Audiology Initial Consultation

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Your first Tele Audiology appointment is complimentary and will last for around 15 minutes.

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