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You’re probably aware that the advancements in hearing aid treatments are becoming more jaw-dropping each year.

Many people can’t believe the technology developments that place year on year.

One evolution, in particular, has been a massive hit with those who love to watch movies with their loved ones but struggle to achieve the perfect sound for everyone.

It’s called a TV streamer.

What is a TV streamer, and how can it help your hearing?

A TV streamer is a brilliant solution for those times where one person feels the sound is too loud, while the other feels it’s too low, as it gives hearing aid wearers total control.

This is because a TV streamer sends your home entertainment system’s audio output directly to your hearing aids.

You can then dictate your own personal volume level using an app.

All the major manufacturers – from Oticon to ReSound – offer their own TV streamers. So if you want to avoid arguments over the volume, we can help you there!

Just give us a call at (801) 657-4175, and we’ll happily tell you all you need to know and get you set up.

Updates of Interest from Our Office

We had an amazing time during Hearing Health Awareness Month. It was great to reach out to the community and educate people about why early treatment is crucial.

Also, in August, we had a record number of birthdays in the office, with Shelby, Chandler, Kellie, and Berrett all receiving the special treatment.

This month, we celebrate Kenzie, Shayla, and Tessa – so we know it’s going to be another fun month of cake (thank goodness we’re not dentists).

What Is ‘Candling’ And Why Is It Harmful?

You may not know it, but “candling” is a trend that is sweeping across America.

This is where someone holds a candle over their ear and lets the hot wax drip into their auditory system.

Proponents say this has numerous benefits, such as removing debris and earwax and even aiding cancer treatments.

However, as experts, it’s our duty to let you know there’s no scientific proof to this, and by putting piping hot candle wax into your ear, you may cause serious damage.

Our doctors of audiology can provide you with fast, effective hearing care treatments, and earwax removal is a very simple process.

Always contact us first before you consider homemade hearing healthcare remedies!

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