The team at House of Hearing is proud to treat hundreds of patients each year, diagnosing their symptoms and prescribing the best treatments available.

But sadly, this will only be a fraction of those who currently have a hearing loss.

Figures published by John Hopkins University show that the number with a problem is set to rise by 30 million across America in 2060.

So, during Hearing Health Awareness Month, we’re highlighting the reasons why members of our community don’t receive treatment at the right time.

These are some of the concerns that might be holding you or a loved one back.

I’ll look older

One of the main reasons people wait years before seeking treatment is that they worry they’ll be prescribed hearing aids, which will change the way others treat them.

Many remember the large, bulky devices that their grandparents wore during the ‘60s, and assume they’ll be fitted with something similar by a doctor of audiology.

In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

First, not all conditions require hearing aids. If a medical procedure will offer the best results, Hearing at Home specialists will refer you to one of our excellent ENT physicians.

Those who are great candidates for hearing aids will find that modern devices are sleek, powerful, and, in some cases, almost invisible.

And in reality, there’s nothing that ages a person more than not being able to participate in conversations fully.

Hearing treatment is, therefore, the best way to maintain your youth!

Hearing loss scares me

Another reason why many people stall their journey to better hearing is they’re worried about confronting their issue and its symptoms.

Hearing loss denial is prevalent particularly among men, though also among women.

This doesn’t just allow an issue to develop and worsen over time. It can also lead to family breakdowns, as someone’s refusal to act becomes a critical problem.

However, the stigma that once stopped people from seeking help shouldn’t be a factor today.

People of all ages have now come forward to discuss their conditions – including Halle Berry, Robert Redford, and Barbra Streisand – making it easier for others.

In addition, hearing tests are quick and painless. Once you receive treatment, as many can testify, your life will improve significantly overnight.

The technology that’s now widely available can help anyone, at a level of investment that’s accessible.

Now is the right time to conquer your fears and speak to a professional!

Are you concerned about a hearing loss or know someone who is? Contact the friendly team at House of Hearing, and they’ll get you the help you need fast!

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Roshelle Leilua, BC-HIS

Roshelle Leilua has worked for the House of Hearing since 2010. She is a nationally board-certified hearing instrument specialist. Her interest in this field comes from having many friends who are hard of hearing and deaf for whom she learned basic sign language communication. She enjoys the personal relationships she has from working with her patients regularly.