Hearing aids are incredibly successful in the treatment of hearing loss and have helped thousands of patients to transform their lives. But when it comes to your hearing health, a “one size fits all” attitude isn’t appropriate.

All of our team at The House of Hearing believes in delivering the best in hearing technology to provide our patients with the best outcome for them.

Read on to hear about patient satisfaction with NeuroTechnologyTM.

Clarity-Enhancing with Surround Sound and Noise Cancellation

Newly developed hearing loss treatment options have made a significant breakthrough in treating the symptoms of hearing loss, not just the hearing loss!

The most common symptoms of hearing loss (as reported by patients) are:

1) I can hear that somebody is speaking, but I can’t understand every word.

2) I do okay hearing in a one-on-one conversation, but I have a lot of difficulty following the conversation when there is any background noise.

These symptoms are the consequence of deprived auditory input to the brain and reduced auditory processing. Newly advanced NeuroTechnologyTM was designed to treat hearing loss and directly address these symptoms by using the science of BrainHearingTM to improve auditory processing in people with a hearing loss.

The three features of NeuroTechnologyTM are:

Enhanced Clarity: Restoring clarity in individuals with a hearing loss allows the listener access to difficult-to-hear portions of speech, for example, the “sh,” “s,” “t,” etc. Traditional hearing aids are not able to accurately reproduce these sounds – making the listening experience artificial (or “mechanical”).

With the patented “soft speech” booster and access of sounds across the entire spectrum of speech, the listener no longer has to worry about not hearing their grandchildren/spouse/coworkers.

Surround Sound: Sound comes at us from all directions. NeuroTechnologyTM is designed to accurately locate sound in space from all directions. This feature allows the listener to pinpoint the location of sound and provide his/her brain with an accurate “auditory image” of the world around them.

Traditional volume-enhancing hearing aids did not offer the listener auditory cues of depth and height of approaching sound, thus often leaving the listener confused about the location of the source of sounds in the environment. The surround sound feature provides the listener with a more “natural” listening experience in all environments … from nature walks to crowded parties!

Patient satisfaction with traditional “volume-enhancing” hearing aids is, on average, 75%.  

Noise Canceling: With hearing loss comes the loss of our “internal filter” capable of separating speech from background noise (naturally increasing the speech: noise ratio). Significant advances in auditory engineering have paved the way for NeuroTechnologyTM to provide noise-reduction features in hearing loss treatments. NeuroTechnologyTM powered with BrainHearingTM features can enhance the clarity of speech and simultaneously reduce background noise by almost 10dB (that is nearly a 10 times reduction of background noise!).

This “filtering” of speech from background noise mimics the innate ability to hear in background noise of those individuals with normal hearing.

The addition of surround sound technology enables the noise reduction feature to work in 360 degrees, and will never go in to “tunnel hearing” mode and restrict speech from any incoming directions.

Recent studies have found patient satisfaction with new NeuroTechnologyTM hearing loss treatments are above 90%.

Study Design:

This study is designed to quantify the listening experience of adults with a hearing loss in a vast array of listening environments when using new NeuroTechnologyTM. The study is designed to examine the impact of new technology on 2 groups:

  • New Users: individuals who have not used a hearing aid before/have not used a hearing aid consistently for the past year
  • Previous Users: individuals who have been using hearing aids consistently for more than 6 months

If you would like to find out more about NeuroTechnologyTM and the treatment options available to you, please contact us at one of our 11 Northern Utah locations to see how we can help.

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Josh Hankins, BC-HIS

Josh has worked with the House of Hearing since 2011. He attended school at Weber State and Utah State University where he studied computer science. In 2013, he completed his licensing and became board-certified as a hearing instrument specialist. Josh’s strengths center around working with sound and using hearing devices to improve hearing. He is an expert at configuring high technology devices and their accessories, as well as setting up the smallest and most invisible devices. His patients see him as someone who is friendly, thorough, and patient. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Liz, and their three young daughters. They live in Riverton. He likes jogging and mountain biking, working on his car, rock music, and traveling. He will talk your ear off if you get him going about high-quality sleep or smart home gadgets.