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Known as both Sessions Settlement and North Canyon Ward, Bountiful, UT was renamed in 1855 due to the area’s reputation as a great place for gardening. Though Bountiful was a quiet place throughout most of its history, urban expansion in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s caused our town to grow into a substantial Salt Lake City bedroom community.

Celebrating our heritage is a major event that takes place every July. In conjunction with Pioneer Day, Handcart Days features a parade, fireworks, games, entertainment, an art exhibit, and food. As a suburban community, much of our focus is on providing ways to relax, unwind, and escape the chaos of urban life, which is easily accomplished thanks to Lakeside, Bountiful Ridge, and Edgewood golf courses as well as Wild Rose, North Canyon, Elephant Rock, and Mueller Park trailheads providing access to the bounty of the area’s natural beauty.

Our record of overseeing the hearing health of more than 30,000 patients at our 10 Northern Utah locations throughout the last 34 years makes it easy for you to rest assured you’re in the capable hands of the most trusted, experienced, and award-winning team of hearing and balance care professionals in the state. House of Hearing’s hearing and balance care doctors make it our goal to make sure you get the highest level of patient-focused care available.

Whether you visit downtown Salt Lake City clinic (about 20 minutes away), or any of our other locations in the region, we guarantee you’ll receive the care we promise in our unprecedented “14-step Patient Promise,” developed through our experience of understanding what our patients ask for. Initiatives like our “Don’t Miss Work Guarantee” and “Care Beyond Hearing Aids” are only two of a broad range of ways we meet the needs of Bountiful, UT.

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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

The latest statistics suggest that 1 in 8 Americans have hearing loss in both ears. With the growing concern that hearing loss due to noise exposure is affecting many young people, having your hearing checked is becoming an increasingly more critical part of healthcare screening.

Among our biggest frustrations is recognizing that people either don’t understand or choose to ignore the first signs of hearing loss, which means by the time they arrive in our office, we’re having to play catchup when it comes to finding a solution to save what hearing you have left.

With early detection and early treatment, we have a wider range of options to both protect and improve your hearing, which is a major reason to come to our hearing care professionals at the first sign of hearing loss or scheduling frequent screenings after the age of 50.

Whether you or a loved one have concerns about your hearing and you’re unsure what to do, your first step is to schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment. House of Hearing’s hearing assessments are quick, easy, and non-invasive, allowing us to accurately understand your exact level of hearing loss and take the necessary precautions to allow you to continue to hear at your best.

Female audiologist fitting a hearing aid after assessment
Hearing aids prescribed by trusted audiologists

The Latest Hearing Aid

You probably still hang onto the old stigma surrounding hearing aids, which used to be bulky, ugly, and frustrating for your parents or grandparents. That’s one stigma you can let go of because hearing aids are nothing like their ancestors from decades gone by.

Micro-digital technology has made it possible for hearing aids to become smaller and more discreet while also being more powerful and user-friendly. The latest hearing aids are practically invisible, provide incredible sound clarity, come with rechargeable batteries, and offer a connectivity feature that allows you to sync your hearing aids to your cell phone, tablet, PC, and television.

As the leading team of trusted audiologists in the region, our methodical approach to achieving better hearing is not a one-size-fits-all process. By partnering with us, you get a hearing care partner for life, dedicated to ensuring that you receive the highest level of care and expertise.

House of Hearing partners with many of the world’s most respected manufacturers, providing you with a broad selection of hearing aids to meet your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. Our team of hearing aid experts also provides ongoing tech support, maintenance, and repair to ensure that you or your loved ones get all the benefits available from your hearing device.

Supporting Northern Utah with ‘Tele Audiology’

Thanks to the ongoing advancements of digital technology, we’re now more connected than ever. Video conferencing has become the norm for worldwide personal, business, educational, and medical communication.

Video conferencing is what’s involved in the tele-audiology service offered by House of Hearing. The events of 2020 made it necessary for us to rethink how we interact with others in social settings, making us more aware of our vulnerability when it comes to our health, but tele-audiology reaches beyond the health concerns of our patients.

There are times when travel or scheduling conflicts make it impossible to get the hearing care our patients need in a timely manner. With tele-audiology, you are able to connect with one of our audiologists for a consultation regardless of whether you are struggling to find someone to take care of dependents, don’t have access to transportation, out of town on business, or enjoying some much-needed R & R on a tropical beach.

Using our tele-audiology service, you or your loved ones can use any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop equipped with a camera and microphone to connect with your hearing care specialist at House of Hearing, no matter the location or the type of issue you’re experiencing.

Receive hearing care via tele audiology from your home or office


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