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  • Zac Heinz Avatar

    I had to get my hearing checked for work and decided to go into the house of hearing. Before the exam Josh looked inside my ears where I could see it on a TV screen. It was really cool but also super gross with the amount of wax build up I had. He spent the time to get me all cleaned up. I had a WALL of wax that was covering one ear completely. It was a weird feeling once it was out but I could finally hear! The test went great. A few months later I had some ear pain and called the office. Liz was willing to see me on a Saturday when she wasn’t working to make sure it wasn’t serious. The staff has gone above and beyond to help me feel like family. I have recommended them to all my family

    Zac Heinz 9/02/2019
  • Jill Spriggs Avatar

    This team has been so supportive of me as I began using a hearing aid at age 63. I had my 91 year old mom get aids from them too. They are SO good with working with the super elderly.

    Jill Spriggs 10/14/2019