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  • Kevin Hansen Avatar

    Kenzie Ivory is outstanding. She has been helping me for over a year and does a great job. I enjoy my visits to she office.

    Kevin Hansen 12/06/2019
  • Don Shaver Avatar

    Ben is very thorough, clearly enthusiastic about his profession and a good listener(ironic that he works at a hearing center:). He tested my hearing, reviewed it with Dr. Tagge and ultimately recommended the Lyric hearing aid. Much to my surprise, the tinnitus that I had experienced 24/7 for the last 10 years became negligible almost immediately. It has now been 3 weeks for me with this device and I couldn't be happier! On a side note, Ben has called to check on me weekly to make sure the device was fitting and operating properly. I would definitely recommend calling Ben for a consultation if you find yourself in need.

    Don Shaver 12/05/2019