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  • Janet MacFarlane Avatar

    I am very pleased with my experience. Ben was very helpful. He explained everything very clearly and made I understood how to put my aids in and take them out, and how to care for them. He had me practice and made sure I was comfortable. He was/is very wiling to help me in the future and set up an appointment to check on my progress. So far I am extremely pleased with these hearing aids. Thank you Ben

    Janet MacFarlane 12/13/2019
  • mike mandelbaum Avatar

    Bennett is an amazingly knowledgeable, kind, and thorough Dr. of Audiology. From the beginning when he administered my hearing exam through the entire process of explaining, ordering, and fitting me with my hearing aids, he was very great to work with. He eased my apprehensions and even understood why ultimately the devices didn't turn out to be what I was ready for after using them during a trial period. He genuinely wants to help his patients without using pressured sales techniques. I absolutely recommend him and "The House of Hearing." I will return here when the time is right for me

    mike mandelbaum 8/23/2019