Why Parents Turn to House of Hearing for Their Children’s Hearing Health Needs

As parents, nothing makes us lose sleep more than our children facing health concerns.

Especially health concerns that aren’t clearly visible or have simple-to-understand symptoms.

The biggest problem with children with hearing loss is that it’s very difficult to measure without having a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

If a child has only experienced a certain level of hearing throughout their life, then they have no comparison of what their hearing should be like and similarly, children have an unbelievable ability to disguise any challenges that they may be facing.

Whether your child is struggling with communication skills, sometimes seems to have selective hearing, or is complaining about their hearing, then the first step is a hearing evaluation.

A children’s hearing evaluation at House of Hearing is quick, non-invasive, and pain-free, ensuring that we’re able to get an accurate understanding of your child’s level of hearing in a relaxed and friendly environment.

By choosing House of Hearing, you don’t have to take your child to a busy ENT setting surrounded by sick people. Instead, you visit a friendly team, which has been developed to be child-friendly.

To schedule your child’s initial hearing evaluation, call 801-657-4175 or complete the form on this page.


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It’s often the small things that hold us back from being able to make an informed decision. It may be a question or a concern, but these small things can be the hurdle that prevent us from making a positive decision today.

That’s why we have one of our hearing specialists on hand to help.

If you would like a friendly no-obligation conversation with one of our experienced experts to answer your questions and discuss any concerns, then simply complete this form and we’ll call you back when we have a moment between patient appointments.

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