Hear For The Holidays

Give the Gift of Better Hearing [Nominations Closed]

Nominate a Special Somebody for the Ultimate Gift of Better Hearing This Holiday Season

The latest statistics suggest that hearing loss impacts 1 in 8 people.

This means that, statistically, there will be at least one person around your dinner table this holiday season that will be struggling to engage in conversations, missing the punchline of jokes, and feeling isolated when they should be at their happiest.

Whether they have chosen to prioritize the needs of others over themselves, are hesitant to seek treatment due to the financial requirements, or are hoping for some good luck, then this may be the ideal opportunity for them.

With a big part of our DNA being heavily focused on the community, we’re excited to open nominations for our annual ‘Hear for the Holidays’ giveaway.

This is where you can nominate a deserving somebody to win a complimentary pair of premium prescription hearing aids and premium hearing care.

It could be a loved one or somebody in the community that you believe deserves to be recognized for all that they do.

To enter, complete the form on this page and share the reason why they deserve to win, in as much detail as possible.

Then on November 30, 2022 we’ll be closing nominations and the winner will be selected and announced shortly after.

The winner will be invited to have a comprehensive hearing assessment and be fitted with a new pair of hearing aids to ensure they have the holiday season that they deserve!

Good luck!

Nominations Close In ...








This Competition Has Now Ended. Good Luck To Everyone Who Entered!


Meet Previous Winners

Flashback to November, we asked local residents to nominate someone in need of hearing support.

Our decisions were based on your touching stories that you sent in, and we were so moved by each and every one of them!

It was truly difficult to choose just one winner, so we decided to give two people the gift of hearing and a new life. On December 18, the House of Hearing announced the first winner as Carma, and three days later, Jared.

Through reading your nominations and your kind words sent in, we have truly recognized how remarkable each of you is and want to take the time to say thank you for all of your contributions.


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