Balance Specialists to Salt Lake City Since 1986

If you’re experiencing random spells of dizziness, spinning, or rocking, then it can be a concerning time as you try to understand why you’re randomly having trouble with your balance.

It can feel scary – it can impact your independence and your confidence to leave your home due to its unpredictable and unexpected nature.

There are a large number of potential causes for your dizziness. These can be linked to your vision, your medication, or because of cardiovascular, neurological, or even orthopedic conditions.

However, nearly all balance challenges are linked to the vestibule and semi-circular canals that live within your ear.

The good news is, at House of Hearing, we’ve been the balance specialists that Salt Lake City has turned to since 1986.

With a team of experienced audiologists, we can conduct a series of simple, non-invasive tests to accurately diagnose the reasons for your dizziness and help you to find a solution.

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