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Should I See an Audiologist or ENT Doctor about Hearing Problems?

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Approximately 10 percent of Americans suffer from hearing loss. If you’ve noticed hearing loss, you may wonder if you should see an audiologist or an ENT doctor? Both medical specialists can provide insight into hearing loss and the ENT House of Hearing in Utah offers easy access to both audiologists and ENT doctors in Salt Lake City, Draper, Park City and Tooele, Utah.

Today we’re defining the difference between an ENT doctor and an audiologist to help you determine where you should go to address your hearing problems. In many cases, the audiologist and ENT doctor will work together to diagnose and treat hearing loss.

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists focus on helping people with hearing and balance problems. Audiologists administer hearing tests and analyze the results. They are also expert at explaining how hearing loss and hearing damage happens and the long-term impact hearing loss can have on your life. Perhaps most important to people with severe hearing loss, an audiologist will work with you to recommend and fit a custom hearing aid that meets your unique hearing needs. Audiologists also sell and service hearing aids and assistive listening devices that can improve hearing and quality of life.

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What Degrees Does an Audiologist Hold?

Audiology is the science of hearing. At a minimum, an audiologist earns a master’s degree in audiology. However, many audiologists are earning an Au.D. or Doctor of Audiology. This degree is equivalent to a Ph.D. and requires many years of graduate studies at an accredited university and college. All of our Salt Lake City audiologists at The House of Hearing bring deep knowledge of hearing issues to each exam and the majority of our team has earned their Au.D. What’s more, our Utah audiologists are licensed and registered to practice in the state.

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Where Do I Find an Audiologist?

It’s easy to find an audiologist since they work in hospitals, schools, speech and hearing centers, private audiology practices, and ENT doctor offices. In fact, our House of Hearing audiologists work side-by-side with board-certified ENT doctors in all seven Ear, Nose and Throat Hearing Center locations in Utah. This makes it easy for our audiologists to refer you to an ENT doctor if we recommend a medical exam to further explore causes of hearing loss.

What is an ENT Doctor?

Ear Nose and Throat Center Utah logoAn Ear, Nose and Throat doctor or ENT doctor is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating ear, nose and throat issues. An ENT doctor specializes in otolaryngology and is also known as an otolaryngologist. As surgeons, they perform a number of procedures, including ear tube surgery and surgical correction of protruding ears (Otoplasty). Plus, they treat common ear infections and conditions like swimmer’s ear, earaches and more.

Our sister company, the Ear, Nose and Throat Center, has eight board-certified ENT doctors in Salt Lake City, Draper and Park City, Utah. Each ENT clinic offers complete ear, nose and throat diagnosis and treatment. Call the Ear, Nose and Throat Center today at 801-328-2522 to set an appointment.

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Start with a Hearing Exam

Now that you know the difference between an audiologist and an ENT doctor, it likely makes sense to call an audiologist first about hearing loss. The audiologist will perform hearing tests, diagnose your condition and recommend a course of treatment. The audiologist may also recommend you see an ENT doctor, but an appointment with an audiologist is a great starting point to address your hearing issues.

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