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We offer a comprehensive set of hearing and balance services that can help you improve your life including:


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Our ENT doctors can help diagnose and treat dizziness and vertigo and help improve your quality of life.


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Thank you for helping me improve my hearing and quality of life. My high range of hearing was gone at 55 years old. I tried on a pair of new hearing aids, went outside in the wind and could actually carry on a conversation with my wife, something I couldn’t do before.
Mark A

I simply cannot say enough good about Roshelle Webb. I had a somewhat unusual need, she was incredible in how she managed my needs, taught me to use the Oticon product, and helped me understand my future path in hearing aids. Thank you for the way in which I was treated. It’s not usual to experience this sort of customer service.
Douglas S

Since I’ve gotten new hearing aids from the House of Hearing, I am able to converse with others without asking them to repeat themselves. I also can watch TV without turning the volume sky high!
Richard G

These hearing aids have actually changed my life. I don’t need to blast the TV anymore and I can hear a song and understand what it’s about and I don’t have to say “What?” anymore. I just had no idea how much I was missing.
James H

My friends have commented on the fact that I don’t say “huh” anymore during our conversations. I also can hear what’s being said while talking on the telephone. It has been a joy to hear again. I feel more confident and involved in all conversations and in groups as well.
Shauna W

I purchased hearing aids from your office and the quality of my hearing has improved 100 percent. I now realize how much I have been missing and sorry I waited so long. You and your staff handled my hearing professionally and I would happily recommend your services to anyone.
Albert E